Sleeping and Cognitive Functioning

Sleeping is important, and current research backs this upwards now more than actually before. Something that has recently been asserted is that sleep has a profound impact after intellectual functioning. For example, a good amount of rest is imperative to permanent memory storage. A California study recently looked at sleep and how it damaged the memory.

The theory behind this is that short term storage is stored in the hippocampus part of the brain. Slow brain waves, produced by the brain's center frontal lobe, transport these pieces of data to the prefrontal cortex-the brain's hard drive-where they become permanent memories. In many older folk, there is some sort of destruction done to the frontal area of the brain and new memories have trouble being translated to this part of the brain. Instead, memories stay in the hippocampus where they are overwritten and forgotten. Inside these people, things like remembering people's names become very difficult.

Slow waves are produced during sleep, and if people do not get the proper level of sleeping, the transference of remembrances from the short expression to long-term storage areas of the brain become interrupted and short expression memories consistently are reset so new information can be stored. For the senior citizens which have sleep difficulties, this presents a huge Mind Lab Pro Review problem. It can lead to a loss of cognitive functioning and memory loss. For people already at high risk of dementia, this is obviously not a good thing and can exacerbate an already severe problem.

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There are a few things you can do to help yourself get better sleeping. Eliminating caffeine from your diet plan by cutting down on coffee, energy drinks, and soda any really easy way to do this. Another easy method to get better sleep is to get started on exercising more. Exercise produces endorphins and while exercise elevates your heartrate temporarily, it helps you to better relax after the fact.

Another tried and true method to help you relax is to get started on alleviating stress. Getting the proper quantity of care can help in a huge way here. For example, in home care will help you to get the help you need around the house such as washing, meal preparation, and washing. These things might be really difficult and stress filled on your own, but with a caregiver, this burden is lifted in a large way. Assisted living is also a good way to help yourself out. Assisted living eliminates household chores for you and lets you concentrate on just doing the things that you enjoy. Regarding people looking to be a little more relaxed and start getting better sleep, this is a fairly easy and important step that you can create.